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2014 - 2018 CHEVROLET / GMC



Fits rear doors of extended cab / crew cab


As is now the norm, or so it seems, the 2014 and 2015 GM full size pickup and SUV's have been designed with non-serviceable door pins and bushings. As a leader in the door pin and bushing reverse engineered replacement market, and as part of our ongoing commitment to innovative design in that area, we are pleased to announce that those vehicles can now be easily serviced with our replacement kit. 

Our kit negates the need for, and high cost of, complete hinge replacement. The cost of replacing the original hinges, is not the part alone. One must consider that when the door pin or bushing wears to a point necessitating replacement, this means that the new hinge must also be painted, installed, aligned, etc. These costs can easily run into the hundreds of dollars for something as simple as a worn bushing.

KSSD Inc. has the parts to correct the worn pin and bushing problem with high quality stainless steel GREASE-ABLE pins and self lubricating bronze bushings. Our repair becomes much less of a strain on the consumer’s pocketbook, involves less labour time, no paint time and is a permanent repair lasting considerably longer due to the regrease-able features of our pin.  The solution provided by KSSD is safe, technically sound, cosmetically appealing and inexpensive. It requires simple tools, a little “know-how” and involves no paint shop time.

Each kit comes complete with parts and attaching hardware and instructions to successfully complete the repair on both the upper and lower hinges of the rear door.


 Stainless steel material provides a battleship grey appearance, great wear resistance, rust proof, paintable (optional) and strong

- Easy removal and replacement with common shop tools- Complete replacement of all pins and bushings for one door

- Corrects "sagging" door due to pin/bushing wear- Top quality Bronze bushings

- Little to no paint time required- Top quality Stainless Steel pins

- Saves money by not having to replace entire hinges- Prevailing torque, low profile, lock nuts offer longer wear and better cosmetics

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