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2010 - 2018  CRUZE

2009-2018 CAMARO

2013-2018 CADILLAC ATS

2008-2014 CADILLAC CTS

2005-2011 CADILLAC STS


Fits front doors left or right side upper and lower

PART # 0916CCC-G

OE # 19367253

As we move forward with changes to our company, both in new ideas, marketing, managerial changes and more, we are proud to introduce the completion of our latest, and most impressive, endeavour.  One pin kit that will cover virtually every late model GM vehicle. Although there may be some modifications to the base kit, the end result follows our line of patents for grease-able stainless steel door hinge pin and bushing kits. 


 Stainless steel material provides a battleship grey appearance, great wear resistance, rust proof, paintable (optional) and strong

- Easy removal and replacement with common shop tools

- Complete replacement of all pins and bushings for one door

- Corrects "sagging" door due to pin/bushing wear

- Top quality Bronze bushings

- Little to no paint time required

- Top quality Stainless Steel pins

- Saves money by not having to replace entire hinges

- Prevailing torque, low profile, lock nuts offer longer wear and better cosmetics-

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